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"My name is Corie Wild. I have lived in the DeKalb/Sycamore area for my entire life. I have always preferred to keep my business connections of a local nature, to keep my money going back to the local community and economy. I found Josh and Sparkle Janitorial through some friends of mine and was pleased to discover not only was he local, but although I didn't know him at the time, we went to high school together at Sycamore.
Now, years later, I had a co-worker that has taken ill. She and I share the same affliction, Crohns Disease, so I can understand what she is going through and her daily struggles. In an effort to help her, I contacted Sparkle Janitorial, to see about cleaning her house. When you are sick, you still notice everything that needs to be done, you just don't have the energy to do it! Knowing her son was graduating high school, I knew that she would have much to prepare for, and no way to see it through. Josh and his crew came to the rescue just before their graduation party. The house looked wonderful, my co-worker was relieved and had one less thing to make her feel stressed. I can't thank them enough and since then have contacted Sparkle Janitorial for many other needs as well.
Just recently, my lovely dog, Lily decided to eat a pen all over my white Berber carpeting . . . thus leaving it polka-dotted with black ink. Josh actually called a vendor to find out what the best solution would be to take that out. How many other people or companies would go that far to save some carpeting? Not many, but Sparkle does. "
Corey Wild


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Your entrance foyer is the first thing your customers see when they come to inquire about your services. Clean floors and windows shows them you take pride in your business.
Sparkle Janitorial is Family owned and operated since 1993. Dedicated to providing quality service at fair prices. Whether its daily, weekly or monthly services you need, we have a service that can fit your budget. Our work is guaranteed and references are available to you upon request.
A clean office increases employee morale. When an employee shows up to work and the office looks and smells clean, they are more likely to have a productive day.
We have all the resources you need to keep you home or business clean.